5 Mistakes You're Making When Washing Your Face!

 5 Mistakes You're Making When You Wash Your Face!


Mistake #1: Using your face cleanser to remove makeup. That's a no no.
You probably know the perils of falling asleep with a full face of makeup (i.e. acne and dullness). Another thing to note: Your cleanser shouldn’t double as your makeup remover. Cleansers will not remove all your makeup thoroughly. For this reason, it's important to use a gentle makeup removing wipe, especially when removing long-wear makeup. Here are two vegan and cruelty-free wipes Pacifica Beauty Sea Water Makeup Removing Wipes-$6 and Bear Naked Wipes-$12 . During our facials we use Raspberry Refining Cleanser - $26.50. This cleanser is a unique foamy cleanser that rebalances and improves skin texture while its active ingredients purify and restore vitality to skin. Available on our website.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to wash your face before bed. Shame on you!
We are exposed to the environment daily, which means that dirt and pollution build up on our outer skin layer and during the day, natural oils and sweat accumulate on the skin. Not removing all of this dirt at the end of the day can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and acne breakouts. Wash your face EVERY night! =)

Mistake #3: Reaching for a bar of soap to wash your face. Ew!
If you’re lucky enough not to have sensitive skin, you might reach for a random bar of soap, lather up and start your day. But these harsh cleansers strip the natural hydrators from the skin. Use gentle cleansers that respect the pH balance of your skin. We recommend using our cleanser called Raspberry Refining Cleanser - $26.50. It clarifies and reduces oil and debris.

Mistake #4: Reusing dirty washcloths. Yikes!
It might seem like a pain to have to toss a washcloth in the hamper after just one use. But experts say that reusing the same washcloth over and over again is spreading more bacteria to your face. Instead, invest in a cheap set of basic washcloths, like this set of 24 face towels on Amazon that can last you through an entire week’s worth.

Mistake #5: Exfoliating more than once or twice a week
Exfoliating is very important. It can help remove dead cells and improve skin radiance but overscrubbing can lead to microscopic tears in the outer skin layer leading to inflammation and irritation. Generally speaking, most people do not need to exfoliate more than once or twice per week. If you don't have a scrub or looking for a new scrub to try we recommend using our Raspberry Refining Scrub (available on our website).


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