Brow Lamination: Bring Your Brows to Life

Brow Lamination: Bring Your Brows to Life

Aside from the eyes, the brows usually make a statement at the first glance. Yes, thick and well-defined brows look amazing for anyone! A lot of people have unruly eyebrows and some even resort to microblading for pretty brows. That is why a better alternative such as brow lamination was born in Russia.

Brow lamination is simply perming the eyebrows making them look sleek, full and lifted upwards. It certainly brings life to those who have thin brows.  In less than an hour, those who have gaps within the brows will have fuller and fluffy ones to flaunt. The great thing about brow lamination is that it is easy on the wallet and non-invasive, though it may only last for two months.     

How is it done?

Just like having eyelashes permed, the brows are treated with a lifting cream to chemically change the shape of the hair. Once the bonds of each hair strand are broken down, brows are brushed up and then treated with a neutralizer. After such, a nourishing oil or serum is applied to the newly shaped brows to regain moisture. To make those brows last more than two months, a brow wax may be applied.

Any drawbacks having the brows laminated?

Since brow lamination involves a chemical process near the eyelids, dermatologist-approved skin care products should be used. Some may have sensitive skin near the eyes and can be easily irritated with any type of chemicals. For safety, consult with a health professional first before engaging in this beauty technique.

Some women may also have very thin and sensitive hair, so chemicals may harm the brows. Instead of looking amazing, the brow hairs may become brittle and break easily. With this in mind, thorough research and consultation before your service is recommended. Also, only use serums and creams recommended by the spa or salon to avoid beauty mishaps.

Book your brow lamination service by clicking here. It’s one hour long and it includes brow tinting. Lets get your brows thick, fluffy, Instagram-worthy.

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