Five tips to manage your mental, physical and emotional health during the COVID-19

Five Tips To Manage Your Mental, Physical And Emotional Health During The COVID-19


Hello Skin Artistry Community, I hope everyone is doing ok and healthy. As we enter this unprecedented phase of the pandemic, we're here to give you tips and guidance about how to keep ourselves and our families healthy and virus-free. Here are five tips to maintain good mental, physical and emotional health as we stay at home in efforts to flatten the curve and prevent further spreading of COVID-19


1. Clear routines at home

Creating a routine during this time is helpful to keep things in order and get a sense of calm. It easy to lose track of the day if you're not working. Creating a routine or schedule can help manage anxiety and help you to adapt more quickly to this current reality. It’s important to stay productive and keep your goals in mind. It is also important to schedule time for your family.


2. Exercise and engage in physical activity, daily if possible;

Make your home your gym. There are plenty of workouts you can do at home without weights or machines. These resistance bands from Cloud9! are great workout tools to keep you tone during this time (they offer free pick up if you live in the Katy, Texas area). If you have kids get some fresh air and spend quality time outdoors.


3.  Meditation and relaxation

As people become more anxious and nervous about the current situation practicing meditation has proven to alleviate stress, insomnia and depression. When you feel anxious and you need a moment; stop and take a couple deep breath.

4. Use technology to connect widely

Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing, use technology to connect widely but limit exposure to TV and internet news. Choose small windows to watch tv or listen to the news then find ways to cleanse yourself of it. You don’t want to spend half your day on your phone either. Also, when using our phone at night make sure to put your phone on “night mode" to help lessen digital eye strain and help limit the amount of blue light that goes through the eye.

5. Stay protective and practice social distancing

It is very important to stay six feet away from other people when out in public. Did you know with just one cough you can spray about 3000 droplets that can go all over the place? If it lands on a particle in the air it can float for up to 3 hours! If it lands on a cardboard box it can last for 24 hours. If it lands on plastic it can last 2-3 days. Oh my! Always wear protective measures such as mask and gloves when going to a public place with a lot of people such as the grocery store. This face mask from are washable and has filters used in N95 (free pick up if you live near Katy, Texas). 

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